Local Authority Procurement Case Study

Local Authority

Retearn were commissioned to provide incremental procurement, commissioning, project management and operational leadership support to our public sector local authority client. 

We successfully deployed a mixed team of trusted associates with deep social care expertise, combined with our own delivery team to work closely with the authority. The two phase programme delivered over £10m of savings as well as significantly improving the ways of working with health for residential care homes.

The results

Showing our clients the true benefits of outsourcing procurement

Implemented a new Target Operating Model following a review of processes, systems and data to provide insight and areas for improvement and efficiency. This involved working collaboratively with Service Area Heads, Outsourced Partners and Supply Chain partners.  

Took an operational leadership role across all non-care management services implementing a new model with a focus on market shaping to create necessary capacity across all service types.

Provided a Programme Manager supporting the authority’s Adult Social Care transformation programme. Also delivered procurement and commissioning savings programme plan.

Delivered over £10m of savings, via a modernised and efficient centralised brokerage function covering all commercial aspects of Adult Social Care. 

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