We understand the NHS and Local Authorities are under pressure.

The old adage, an apple a day keeps the doctor away, seems the stuff of legends. With austerity, finding integrated and sustainable health and social care solutions that meet the future requirements of a changing and vulnerable demographic is overshadowed by competing pressures. We can help as a leading specialist healthcare procurement company awarded by NHS frameworks.

You’re not alone.

We have developed a market leading integrated health and social care solution to drive sustainable results around…

A strong belief
Delivering greater integration requires the improved ability to anticipate the variables in demand, that disrupt the system and drive higher costs. Anticipating increases in demand facilitates proactive demand management, which reduces cost variability to deliver improved outcomes for patients.
Put into practice
Our integrated solution planning toolkit is based on programmes driven by benchmarked leading practices, predictive analytics, and population variance analysis. These are there to improve stakeholder capability to take proactive, data-driven strategic decisions.
Experienced approach
We can identify and combine different relevant data sources and correlate the information at a population and patient level. This is to provide you with actionable insights that support your strategy planning and development, drive implementation, monitor results, and determine the right course of action.

Our results speak for themselves…

Achieved £178m cost reduction (16% above target) for a nationally managed care organisation across a roster of population health initiatives

Delivered a 10 – 25% annual savings following execution of a comprehensive detailed evaluation of the service line performance on implant cases in a 450 bed hospital

Reached over £7m of savings from an adult social care budget via implementation of a modernised and efficient centralised brokerage function

Created a predictive model to accurately predict high risk pregnancies culpable to become Neonatal Intensive Care Unit  (NICU) births, identifying approx. 6% of births, equating to £2.8m of NICU avoidable cost

Facilitated care coordination, streamlining and managing demand, to achieve a reduction in GP attendances and a 7% reduction in T1 ED attendance for a programme involving three local authorities.

Our approach to delivering integrated health and social care service…

Focus on delivering value
Our solutions ensure that you are providing services that deliver real change. With experience as a leading healthcare procurement company means we understand the need to achieve sustainable peak performance around quality of care, cost, and efficiency in today’s dynamic health and social care environment.
Central to our integrated healthcare predictive planning model are defined patient cohorts. These cohorts ensure from the outset that high-risk and high-consuming patients are identified and assigned to appropriate cohorts and sub-cohorts early in the care planning process. This is where clinical opinion and evidence-based best practice show the greatest potential gain.

Our solutions

Data Services
• Predictive analytics,
• Process and programme evaluation
• Data warehousing and cleansing
• Spend categorisation and total spend visualisation
• Supply chain analytics and inventory forecasting
• Business intelligence/outlier detection
Pharmacy Solutions
• Step therapy adherence
• Prescribing consistency
• Preferred product strategy alignment
• Outlier detection
• Quality initiatives (e.g. Polypharmacy)
• Generic dispensing ratio optimisation
• Medication therapy management analysis
• Formulary alignment analysis
Streamlining & Improving Back Office Functions
• Procurement and commissioning
• Commercial management and financial turnaround
• Outsourcing advisory and support
• Document storage and digitalisation
• Back office transformation
Disease Management and Quality of Care
• High risk/cost population analytics and management (e.g. diabetes, asthma, radiation therapy, COPD, etc.)
• Hospital readmission reviews and strategies
• Utilisation management and outlier detection
• Place of service optimisation
(e.g. shifting from A&E to alternatives)
• A&E diversion/habitual visitor reviews and programmes
• Demand management and capacity analysis
(MRI, CAT scanners, endoscopy, etc.)
• Residential and long-term care
(e.g. quality reviews, utilisation strategies, etc.)
Other Services & Solutions
• Value-based arrangements
• Provider evaluation and speciality commissioning
• Analysis and identification of procedures of limited medical value
• Identification of payments resulting from up-coding and unbundling
• Service area benchmarking and re-design
• Target operating model review and design

Our outcomes 

Improved consistency and quality of care

Enhanced ease of decision making

Increased collaboration Transformed services

Optimised resources

Sustainable multi-year cost improvement

Delivered so far


The responsibility is on all of us to create sustainable health and social care that is future proof…

“Many thanks for the work you and colleagues have undertaken on our behalf. This will enable us to focus on our budget and refreshing our medium term financial plan using all the various data sets we have had from your goodselves.”

Corporate Director of Resources & Transformation

“ What the Retearn team have achieved is phenomenal, not just the savings, but helping the mind-sets of many of the staff here.”

Head of People & Performance Development

Our health and social care expertise…

Our aim as a specialist healthcare procurement company is simple – through our self-funded transformation solutions we help clients cut unnecessary costs and streamline their services so they can invest the money saved, back into improving the quality of care they provide.
We are supported by a network of Subject Matter Experts and a strategic partnership with AArete, a US-headquartered specialist consultancy with deep international health expertise. Together we possess wide-ranging executive experience covering provider, specialist, transformation, procurement commissioning and regulatory / policy development environments as well health and social care integration.
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