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Through our many years of delivering operational change as a procurement transformation company we’ve seen it all. The disco divas – suspicious of consultants, the aging rockers – who just don’t like change, through to the strictly champions – who know they can’t do it on their own and welcome external expertise.

Every sector has different demands and challenges and what remains core is behind the numbers are internal teams trying to deliver as best as they know how. Our greatest strength is getting the best out of people to make your organisation leaner, more profitable and best shaped to react to your emerging sector challenges and opportunities.

Procurement Transformation company

What you get in Retearn

A team you can trust – we cherry-pick industry experts with unrivalled experience best suited to helping your organisation.
Insight you can action – combining our strategic and analytical expertise, we enable constructive decision making to create value.
Results punching well above average – we have a proven track record in a variety of industries. You can see some of these successes below…

We get it…

Private Equity

You’re looking for a strategic partner to help drive value in your acquisitions. We’re looking to help our clients cut unnecessary costs. It’s a match made in heaven. Due diligence, leveraging spend across portfolio companies, IT revamps, the list goes on. We work with you to understand your ambitions and improve your EBITDA to set you on the path to success. Minimum fuss, ROI guaranteed.

Health & Social Care

Whether you are a local GP, Trust, Local Authority, Care Commissioner, STP or private sector provider – Retearn can help you focus on your patient outcomes. Budgets may be constrained, and your customer base is changing – both in their expectations and in their demographic. We help you reduce the cost and complexity of your operating processes. We’ll transform the way you think through the use of predictive patient analytics, product and service innovation, strategies and supply chain solutions to meet your evolving customer needs. Ultimately, we help you deliver higher quality care at a lower cost. Click here to read about our new Integrated Health and Social Care Solution…

Local & Central Government

We believe that in these uncertain times, every £1 invested in the British economy calls for £1 saved. Long-term focus on cost reduction and transforming services to meet a changing future need should be the main goal of public services. We help you to make this happen.  We create and remodel services for the future, utilising the latest technology and driving cost efficiencies. Protecting and investing in your transformed front-line services in a time of austerity is always our focus.

Professional Services & BPO

You’re the experts in your field – we’re the experts in ours. Strategic cost reduction, flexible outsourced procurement and next-level business transformation. We get to the bottom of your issues, so you can focus on your clients’.


How do you invest in and create the latest technology, whilst making it affordable for constrained budgets? How do you cope with ever-changing geographical demand and threats? We can work with you to prioritise investments, cut costs where you can and transform your organisation for the future. Always maintaining your position at the forefront of global security.


We help you navigate regulated markets, streamline vast supply chains, supercharge your contact centres, and reduce oppressive opex. Whether you’re a big six player, pioneering start-up or an oil and gas major operating both upstream and downstream. As a leading procurement transformation company our experts provide the assurance and efficiencies you need.

Retail & FMCG

Apps now compete with the High Street, products make or break with a few likes, the countries that were your suppliers are now your competition. This is the new world order in retail. We can help you gain a competitive advantage by transforming your systems, managing overheads and driving supply chain optimisation.


While we’d like to think our teachers know it all, there’s probably a few things we can teach you too. Whether you’re a primary school looking to carve up your catering bill or a university developing its shared services, our team will help you to invest where it counts, and save where it doesn’t.

Sport & Leisure

At Retearn, we understand that high performance athletes need a back office that’s as lean and focussed as themselves. They need collaborative, reliable and best value solutions that streamline their organisation – channelling your event revenues and funding to where it matters – your grass roots and front line.

Financial Services

Picture this scene: rigorous regulations have wrapped tight around your legs, and a political whirlwind blows strongly, as you stand at the edge of the cliff. Ok so maybe that’s a bit dramatic, but maybe we can soften the blow by streamlining your process, cutting back-office costs and future-proofing your systems? We’ve worked with many clients in financial services as their procurement transformation company, and would be happy to talk you through our experiences and results.



Multi-modal consignments, delivery drones, rising fuel costs, and same day deliveries. In the age of on-demand consumerism, how you deliver is more critical than ever. Let us relieve the pressure – whether it’s looking for efficiencies in your own supply chain, inventory management, warehousing support, or procuring new delivery transport. Retearn are here to help. Our experts can quickly and succinctly get to the bottom of your cost challenges and provide both instantaneous and ongoing benefits to your business.

Engineering & Manufacturing

Fast-paced, highly competitive, with wildly varying commodity costs. Manufacturing in today’s global climate is heavily reliant on an optimised supply chain. We can help you identify new sources of global supply, or transform operations to help maintain your competitive advantage. Capitalising on both short term tactical savings and longer term strategic plans.

Our frameworks

We are delighted to have been awarded a place on the following Frameworks to support as your procurement transformation company, improving efficiencies and delivering value for money. We are also a recognised supplier of Bloom.

We’d love to help you drive the outcomes you need.

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