Everything we do is designed to make your organisation leaner, more profitable and in the best possible shape to react to emerging challenges and opportunities.

Whether you’re a CEO looking to streamline operations or realise the value of new acquisitions, a Head of Procurement under pressure to reduce costs, a Finance Director eager to enhance revenues, a Head of Transformation needing support for a full change programme, or simply a leader who knows their organisation isn’t fulfilling its potential but isn’t quite sure why, our procurement transformation services can be adapted to help you smash your targets.

Our three-part self-funded transformation model (Insight, Procurement, Transformation) has been developed as the most effective and sustainable way to get and keep your business in peak condition, by achieving cost savings which are then re-invested to ensure your operations are continually at their best. These services can be picked, mixed and adapted to drive long last lasting results.

Self Funded Transformation

We deliver

Detailed analysis of what’s going on in your business

Predictive analytics, data cleanse, warehousing and visualisation.

Customer surveys, customer base analysis, persona type production, channel usage review, demographic insights and outlier detection analysis.

Process & Programme e.g. programme costs and outcome, business volumes, process costs, digitisation, resource utilisation.

Spend and policy, accounts payable, spend categorisation, total spend visualisation, spend reduction opportunity management, maturity assessments.

Supply chain analytics, improving infrastructure, management and forecasting.

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Delivering 3rd party value improvement

Total spend visibility.

Creation and execution of achievable savings programmes.

Support/Up-skill existing team.

Compliance, risk and sustainability management.

Improvement of people, process and systems strategic review.

Technology enablement and self-service.

Supplier management, qualification and vetting enhancement.

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Ploughing funds back into your organisation

Programme design/prioritisation.

Outcomes determination.

Programme health checks.

Rapid identification and delivery of procurement savings to fund transformation.

Stakeholder, leadership and end user buy – in readiness reviews.

Proven, experienced delivery resource.

Communication plans, change management, messages and channels evaluation.

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Your outcomes

Process improvement through digitisation.

Transformed processes and measurable outcomes roadmap.

Set of “to-be” processes with business case and high-level plan for re-design and implementation.

Cleansed re-categorised Spend Cube.

Rapid cost reduction identification.

New spend dashboard.

Customer relationship insight health check.

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Average ROI of 4:1 to 10:1.

P2P process control and efficiency.

Client savings from 5-20%.

Increased organisation value of 10%+.

2-8% savings from tail.

Increased spend compliance >90%.

Clear supplier segmentation strategy and visibility of supply chain risks including cyber.

Enhanced on-boarding and vetting processes.

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High level plan with prioritised workstreams, defined outcome, resource requirements.

Transformation roadmap.

Revised governance structure to ensure rapid decision making.

Multi-level buy-in of key personnel.

Proactive PMO to drive the pace and management of issues, risks.

Digitisation process prioritisation.

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