A Smarter Facilities Management and Real Estate approach

Leaders responsible for Facilities Management and Real Estate in their organisation will have learnt it’s less about bricks and mortar and more about keeping their people safe, secure, warm and fed so their physical environment improves the quality of their working life, feeds their productivity and retains them for longer.  It can often feel like navigating the seven seas, Facilities Management is complex and when things change, they change quickly – and a perfect storm can brew.

If your second biggest cost is Facilities Management, you should be demanding first class advice

In most organisations second to people costs is Facilities Management and property. There are so many pressures facing Facilities Management functions – Am I getting the right value for money on my Facilities Management spend? Is the quality as good and as innovative as what our competitors are getting? Are we fully compliant with the law? Are my team up to the job? To name but a few.  Things are further compounded by the complexities of the Facilities Management marketplace with myriad of small suppliers through to global providers and biggest isn’t always best!

How integrated are your Facilities Management and Wellness programmes?

We could learn a lot from the Finns and the Danes who once again top the World Happiness Survey, whilst the UK languishes down in 19th place. We firmly believe that the Facilities Management function of the future is one that genuinely embraces premises and people and is directly involved in providing working environments that demonstrably improve the working lives of all occupants. We always ask our clients

Do their business plans for Facilities Management (FM) actively consider the well-being of all building users as a key element for the provision and delivery of services?
Do they work with IT, Corporate Real Estate, Procurement, FM and HR on well-being issues?
Do their buildings have adequate provision for social and interaction space (break out areas, amenity space, sports facilities)?
Do they have programmes in place to ensure they embrace the needs of all ages, abilities, genders & generations working in their building?
Do their current service specifications and supplier management processes take account of well-being?
Does part of their selection of suppliers when tendering for FM services assess their own well-being programmes?

Our facilities management services

Facilities Management and Real Estate strategy for your workplace – ensuring it keeps you ahead of your competition
Spend Analysis and Facilities Management service audits, benchmarking of Suppliers from both a quantitative and qualitative perspective
Facilities Management team structure: In-house or outsourced with the focus on “right sourcing”
Turnaround, improving poorly performing Facilities Management  suppliers
Contract and supply chain consolidation as a result of Mergers and Acquisitions
Contract Management and advice on suitable forms of contract including the NEC3 (Term Service Contract)
Other consultancy services relating to Facilities Management, Real Estate and Utilities

How we carry out our services

Our aim is to work with our clients to help them create workplaces for the future that deliver safety, security and a productive and efficient team that in turn reduces attrition and creates value giving you the ability to invest the money saved on other core business areas or improving the wellbeing of your staff.

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At the helm is Marcus Hill

Marcus is a seasoned Insourcing and Outsourcing Facilities Management expert and Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Building and a member of the Institute of Workplace and Facilities Management (formally known as BIFM), our team of Facilities Management Consultants team can support your FM needs in both the Public and Private sector.

What makes us distinct

Our proven track record of helping our clients transform the way they procure FM and real estate in both the public and private sectors to deliver double digits savings along with service quality enhancements and improvements.
Agility – we’ve all come from an operational background so we’re not afraid to challenge your thinking or act as a fresh pair of eyes without the corporate speak!
Dynamic Data analysis – we are experts at analysing complex data and presenting it back in an informative manner that you can make real decisions on. We understand both the people and data driven decision-making requirements
A strong belief in getting the job done, we work alongside inhouse Procurement, Real Estate and FM teams to ensure you get the right result

Our results

Estates Rationalisation savings
savings on Facilities Management
savings on utilities
saving on UK wide cleaning contract

One Big Happy Family

The impact of technology has changed significantly the genetic make up for our workforces and any one given business can be making room for traditional workers who pledged loyalty to their employers to the millennials, the tech savvy bunch with a focus on a higher purpose right through to the Gen – Zers demanding instant gratification via their digital fluent platforms.

We recognise these changes in the workforce (in fact we have the same make up at Retearn!) and can work with you to embrace technology and ensure that your Facilities Management service providers innovate to keep you ahead.

We’d love to work with you

You might just need the reassurance that what you’ve got in Facilities Management is fit for your current and future business needs or you may want to create service efficiencies and drive value that will facilitate greater wellbeing for all people that interact with your business (staff, customers, suppliers) whatever your Facilities Management need, we’d love to help you.


Call Marcus on +44 (0) 7990 012431

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Websites are great shop windows, but we prefer real conversations. If you want to hear more or discuss your own particular challenges, please send us an email or give us a call.

Call Marcus on +44 (0) 7990 012431

Email us at SmarterFM@retearn.co.uk