Actionable procurement spend analytics and insights…

They say knowledge is power, and from deep understanding comes better knowledge and the ability to make the right decisions. Insight is not just data.

Data is worthless without the tools, skill and know-how to draw out and uncover the hidden and more obvious, trends, variations, patterns and meanings contained in your data. Transforming all of these into actionable plans – that’s true insight.

Our goal is to deliver great outcomes

Our team can help you understand your business from the ground up, providing a bird’s eye view of your finances, processes, systems and people to provide the action plans needed to deliver exceptional outcomes.

We use the latest data tools and spend analytics that help us deliver real value back to your organisation.

You will find us light and nimble on our feet, quickly getting to grips with your requirements and we execute even quicker. Within days we can provide you with a fresh perspective on:

plus-deviceWhere we believe you could be saving money

plus-deviceWhat strategies are missing from your organisational design

plus-deviceWays to increase your procurement team’s value to the business

plus-deviceBenchmarking you across industries to understand where you sit in the market

plus-deviceHow to not just improve your bottom line, but your culture too

And we never leave you to just figure out what to do next. Our insight not only helps you see what’s going on in your business, it helps you get to grips with your spend and supplier base. Together it helps us work out how we can add value using our Procurement and Transformation services. Typically, this might be supplier management, spend control through consolidation, spend rationalisation, organisation redesign and process and technology implementation.

Our Predictive Analytics include the following:

Spend and policy, accounts payable, spend categorisation, total spend visualisation, spend reduction opportunity management, maturity assessments
Supply chain analytics improving inventory management + forecasting
Predictive analytics, data cleanse, warehousing and visualisation
Customer surveys, customer base analysis, persona type production, channel usage review, demographic insights and outlier detection analysis
Process & Programme  e.g. programme costs and outcomes, business volumes, process costs, digitisation, resource utilisation.

View our award-winning results in real life case studies.


If you want all of this, one part of it, or simply to talk to some people who have operational experience and an allergy to excuses, jargon and politics, get in touch.

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