Complex business transformation, delivered smoothly

The world continues to change rapidly and radically and most organisations now realise that they urgently need to adapt and improve their performance across finances, operations, service and leadership. But when they try to change everything at once, they usually end up with an expensive, disruptive and unsustainable mess.

Our seven core beliefs about business transformation

  1. Must deliver change that endures
  2. Doesn’t happen without clear and rapid decision making
  3. Strong governance (sounds dull) is one of the single most important factors in the success of business transformation
  4. Must be guided by clear and measurable outcomes – otherwise what’s the point in starting the transformational journey?
  5. Stakeholder engagement doesn’t stop at the Boardroom – every single person affected by the change is a stakeholder
  6. People must be held to account with strong project management and clear accurate reporting
  7. Will only be successful if delivered by a powerful combination of specialist transformation/change skills and the best business brains

If you share our beliefs – let’s get to work

We’ve delivered £bns of savings across private and public sector, as well as significant customer service improvements and digital automation.

A key early choice is “where do we start?”. Typically, we guide you to start the transformation in an area where jointly we believe that we can make large savings rapidly which can then be used to fund subsequent transformation activities – we’ve done this many times before and call it “self-funded transformation”

Clearly, it’s not easy, with many difficult choices to make throughout such a programme, e.g.

  • where do we start?
  • who will be the business sponsor?
  • how will we fund the transformation?
  • what measurable outcomes are we trying to achieve?
  • who makes what decisions?
  • what role will digital play?
  • how will our customers be affected? Should we involve them in the design?
  • should we use a methodology? If so, which one
  • how will we engage with all affected stakeholders?

It’s our team that makes all the difference

Unparalleled experience with a hands-on approach

Our experts have answered all of these questions on numerous occasions across multiple sectors and geographies, so we can definitely give you a head start.

Retearn consultants are handpicked – we’ve worked with them before and know they are fantastic at what they do

After many, many years of shaping and delivering complex transformation outcomes, we’ve hand-picked the best experts in the industry – they’re experienced, battle scarred, focused, sensitive, persuasive, pragmatic and great people to have around.

Flexible and pragmatic delivery – we’re onsite whenever you need us

with our sleeves rolled up

Security Cleared to work

on confidential transformation projects

View our award-winning results in real life case studies.


If you want all of this, one part of it, or simply to talk to some people who have operational experience and an allergy to excuses, jargon and politics, get in touch.

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