Why Retearn

After leading major Transformation and Procurement change programmes at big organisations for …well, more years that we’d like to admit, we decided the time was right to pool our collective knowledge and experience to create a different kind of consultancy. One that focuses on driving outcomes at the coalface.  

We’re operations guys at heart. We like getting stuff done and facing head on the ‘muck and bullets’ of driving savings and transformation projects. We love results – really big results and we’ve learnt an awful lot from our collective century in procurement and transformation.

So you won’t find us publishing esoteric white papers or ‘so what’ thought leadership or developing rigid product offerings. What you will find is a bunch of people ‘hand picked’ from the industry to help you deliver exceptional work.

We wanted to create a consultancy that matches the way clients like to work: delivering maximum outcomes with minimum fuss. We’re open, we’re honest, we’re down to earth and most of all, we’re flexible. Whether you want a stand-alone piece of analysis or the full self-funded transformation monty, we offer an entirely bespoke, pick-and-mix service focused on one thing – Results – the measurable kind.


Why clients choose us…we

Simplify the complex

why waste time on business jargon, programmes are tough enough to deliver

Don’t beat around the bush 

we say things the way they are, upfront and straightforward and you might not always like what we have to say but clients do appreciate it

Make a difference

always looking for ways to improve business through innovation


purpose, energy, fun and buzz that rubs off

Deliver outcomes

in fact we are so confident we are willing to put our money where our mouth is and guarantee our results

Work dynamically

we don’t try and ‘shoehorn’ in a methodology or model that doesn’t work for you, no two client problems are exactly the same

We’d love to help you drive the outcomes you need.

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